NEXO Geo S1230 line array element


The compact, 2-way GEO S1230 is a scalable loudspeaker module that displays exceptional MF-LF output (103dB SPL nominal sensitivity -1W @1m) from a single12” loudspeaker and NEXO’s proprietary Directivity Phase Device (DPD). A narrow-Q (30°) device in the single-source model, S1230’s unique Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource (HRW) allows coupled S1210/1230s to radiate as coherent, wavefronts, yielding precise pattern control in vertical or horizontal arrays. S12 arrays display traditional “tight-pack” pattern control in the non-coupled plane.


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Coherent Wave Propagation from NEXO’s Advanced GEO Hyperbolic Wavesource
Advanced Constant Velocity Profile Output from 28.5° Wavefront Curvature
Integral Rigging System with Angles from 22.5° to 30°
NS-1 Configurable, EtherSoundTM (Network)

Frequency response [a]
53Hz – 19kHz ±3dB
Usable range @-6dB [a]
50Hz – 20kHz
103dB SPL nominal
Peak SPL @ 1m [b]
131 to 133dB Peak (for 500 to 900 W RMS Amplifier)
Dispersion [c]
Coupling Plane: 28.5° Non-Coupling Plane: Configurable 80° / 120°
Crossover frequency
LF- HF: 1.1kHz Passive or Active (internally configurable)
Nominal impedance
Recommended amplifiers
3x GEO S1210 in parallel
HF: 875 to 1550W into 4Ω, LF: 1750 to 3100W into 4Ω
4x GEO S1210 in parallel
HF: 1000 to 1800W into 4Ω, LF: 2000 to 3600W into 4Ω
6x GEO S1210 in parallel
HF: 1650 to 3000W into 2Ω, LF: 3300 to 6000W into 2Ω


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