Theatres, production houses and venues will all love the small size, low power consumption and punchy output from this LED fixture. With two adjustable ‘heads’ in each fixture, coverage of the wash is considerable. Complete with individual LED electronic dimming, stand alone or in built programs as well as being DMX controllable means this unit is suitable for every level of the pro-lighting industry. Can be ground stacked (row) or mounted from a fly bar.


Important: You can change the rent dates for other materials that you want to rent in the cart!

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The LED CYC2 RGBAL uses RGBAL LED chips, with its advanced HSIC color mixing system it can easily
produce any color you need making it a great xture for theatres, production houses, and venues.
The small size, low power consumption, and at least 20 % more output, The LED CYC RGBAL is fully
replacing the traditional cyclorama.


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