L-acoustics X15 HiQ


Reference stage monitor

Power (SPL) in beamwidth and acoustic isolation
High immunity to feedback
Narrow ellipsoid directivity of 40° x 60°
Low profile and weight for integration and handling
Rugged build
Active design with low latency preset


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The X15 HiQ is the ultimate stage monitor: impressively powerful, yet melting into the stage with an ultra-sleek profile. Its active design and low-latency preset guarantee the best experience on stage. Its 40° x 60° beam-width focuses on the artist only, offering excellent acoustic isolation from other performers. Able to take on even the most energetic of artists, the X15 HiQ is built to take abuse yet remain strong and flexible – its built-in risers allowing it to be angled at 35° or 55° onstage. At only 21 kgs / 46 lbs, the X15 HiQ is easy to rig or mount in any situation and will ensure minimum space and weight in trucks. A wide range of rigging accessories offers infinite install possibilities, including special narrow fill applications.

The X15 HiQ is set to become a staple of any stage and a favorite of all artists.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 43 cm


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