Live Music

Lets get your event into swing with a greatest sounds and atmosphere.

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Bars and Clubs


Get your venue pumping with the latest Local DJs  and musicians. 

We have the Latest equipment for any type of venue and occasion. If you are a venue struggle to use old in-house gear let us know, we can service your venue or if it just a one-off event Hire it for the day.



Get your venue pumping with the latest Local Dis  and musicians.

Your client’s journey

your client’s experience is paramount to the face of your restaurant. Food and beverages are just the starters of their night, keep them engaged with music and change up the look.

With new theming and different music you can find new clients or extend the stay of returning customers.

Community Venues


Friends and Family

We have a large heart at Sydney Event services for all Live Music events to give any up and coming musicians a chance in Sydney. We understand that Sydney is struggling with live cultural events and we want this trend to stop.

Keep Sydney Open

Let's you sorted now !