LED Lights

Road test through time we have a selection of LED Lights for all occasions. 


Fixture Types 

  • Wall Wash
  • Spot Light
  • UV Lights
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Battery operated Lights
  • Photography Lights

Moving Lights

Bring your event to life with some movement. we provide end to end solutions. Technics to set, operate and deliver.



  • Moving Wash Lights
  • Moving Spot lights
  • Moving beams
  • DMX Controllers
  • Digital mixers
  • Stage boxes
  • Wireless control
  • Live Recording

Stage Effects

Setting the mood at your event has become a lot easier and there are so many more choices to pick from such as haze, smoke, low lying fog, snow.



  • scented haze
  • Light or heavy haze
  • Snowmachine
  • extreme Smoke machines

Festoon and Fairy Lights

We have a Large selection of festoon and fairy lights. it is the best way to warm up old venues or bring the roof down to make more intermate space. we have many different options of colors, types of bulbs and Indoor/outdoor rate lights.



  • Festoon
  • Dimmers
  • LED Light
  • Lighting Technicians 

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