Sydney Event Services


Sydney Event Services has worked with a number of different venue types in the past ranging from Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, and Community Venues. We, therefore, have all the knowledge and equipment to make your event an unforgettable one! We’ve got what it takes to get your customers in a feel-good mood!

Not only do we have all the equipment, but we can also provide entertainment for any venue and occasion! Contact us to find out more information. 

Live Music

Get your venue moving with the latest musicians!

We have all the latest equipment for any type of venue and location. If you’re a venue struggling to use old in-house gear, let us know and we can service your venue, or you can do a one-off hire for the day. 

DJ Services

 We have a range of DJ’s that can get your guests up and moving and having the time of their life!

Whether its at a club or at a wedding, our DJ’s can make any event one to remember!

Other Performances

We can help you with any performance you have planned, whether it be a circus act or more live music, we have the equipment to make sure your event runs well and looks professional!