Benny Dees


Benny Dees is a passionate DJ & producer born and based in Sydney. He is known for bringing his up beat and fun energy to each performance. With Benny Dees blend of melody, ambience, atmosphere with a solid uplifting groove, add in there seamless mixing skills, and a rich musical journey is guaranteed. Combining all styles of music Benny Dees is no amateur in getting the dance floor moving.




If you are looking to hire an exceptional quality DJ look no further. With over 10 years experience DJ Bennett is suited to any type of event. With his extensive music library comprising songs from the 60s and 70s up to the current Top 40 and more, He is sure to have the right music for any occasion. He can work with you to determine the style of music that you wish to have played and help organise your a night to remember.



Hitman Hancock is equipped with a wealth of musical knowledge that spans multiple decades Hitman Hancock can plays an eclectic mix to crowds around the globe. He is easily recognised by quick yet perfectly timed mixes and constant sampling and teasing. He enjoys building the energy in his audience to near euphoric levels, taking them on a journey through old to the present. Bringing in the nostalgic vibes Crowds chanting lyrics at top of their voices is a staple to any Hitman Hancock Set.