Sydney Event Services

Council & Government Events

Sydney Event Services has worked closely with local government and council to share the latest update and creative event to work for all ages. Some of the events we have work on are Christmas festivals, Defence press releases, and community workshops.

For each event we built floor plans to make the day run smooth and safe. This also helps to visualise what space we need and help allocate power and water stations


Having worked with councils in the past, we are equipped to work on any event, from larger festivals, to smaller community events. 

We can provide Audio & Visual for indoor and outdoor events, including tent lighting for marquee’s, as well as generators to make sure there is enough power. 


Having worked on Government events in the past, we know exactly what is required to make sure they are perfect. 

We can also operate virtual events, to make sure that nothing is missed by your clients!


We can help you plan any event of any size. Having worked on larger festivals in the past as well as smaller fun days, we know what goes in to making each event fun and unique.